‘We want to be fair to the children’.

‘We want everything to be simple for the children when we’ve both gone’.

These are probably the two most frequent comments people make when we’re discussing their Wills.

Being fair in their Wills is very important to most couples. They don’t want to favour one child over another without a good reason and they wish to give all their children an equal share of their money.

Sometimes the parents haven’t seen one or more of their children for years. This is why the parents are thinking of giving the children unequal shares of their money in their Wills. In this situation, ‘fair’ means giving more to the child or children who have played a part in their parents’ lives.

Keeping things simple is also important to many people. Often, though, when people say they want to keep things simple, they really mean that they want to clearly set out what would happen to their money in different situations which could occur after their death.

We’ve helped couples in these situations to make ‘fair’ or ‘simple’ Wills so that they are happy they are making the best arrangements for their families.

Get in touch to ask about a Will for your own family. Without a Will, your money will be given to your family under set rules, which may be very different from what you would wish to happen.