Statistics show that more than 50% of the adult population have not taken this important step.

If you have decided the time has come to take this important step, you can provide certainty for your family and friends and make sure your wishes are carried out.

Making a Will gives you the means to:

  • choose who will close down your financial affairs when you die;
  • choose the people, and perhaps also the charities, who will receive your money;
  • arrange to protect your home, or one or more family members, by using a trust

If you do not have a valid Will in place when you die, your money may not be distributed between your nearest and dearest in the way you would have wanted.

If your wishes are very straightforward, a basic Will may be all that is needed to carry them out.  A basic Will:

  • appoints one or more executors and, possibly, a replacement executor;
  • may set out your funeral wishes;
  • for younger families, may appoint a guardian for their young children;
  • provide for up to five gifts of money or personal possessions;
  • give the remainder of your estate to your husband or wife, or your children;
  • provide for substitute beneficiaries such as brothers and sisters if none of your immediate family survive you.

A basic Will can be prepared very quickly when we have all the information about you and your family and assets.

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Changes to the law and changes to your personal circumstances may mean that your existing Will is no longer effective.  Or perhaps Covid-19 has made you reconsider how you want to provide for your family and dependents.

You should consider making a new Will if:

  • you have just bought your first property;
  • you have married;
  • you have divorced;
  • you have a new child or grandchild;
  • your executor or one or more of your beneficiaries have died

Your Will will be automatically revoked if you get married, or enter into a civil partnership unless it was made ‘in contemplation of marriage’.

If your Will appoints your husband or wife as executor and leaves gifts to them in your Will, then following a divorce they will be treated as having died before you.

We offer value for money fixed fees for basic Wills and a package price if you choose to create Lasting Powers of Attorney at the same time.

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