Client Guides and Factsheets


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Rules of Intestacy Guide
Information in the flowchart has been provided by: This fact sheet will help you work out who should benefit from the estate where the person died without a Will.

What to think about when planning your Will
If you have not made a Will before, here is a list of basic matters to consider. You will probably have some thoughts of your own about what should be included. Download the guide here.

Will Questionnaire
If you are ready to make your Will, our questionnaire collects all the information needed for a standard Will.

Client Guide to Lasting Powers of Attorney
This guide sets out the matters to consider when thinking about creating a Lasting Power of Attorney.

Personal Assets Record
Complete the Personal Assets Record and keep a copy with your Will, to make life easier for your family or executors when you’ve gone.

What to do when someone dies
A basic guide to what you need to think about after a death