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A basic family Will allows you to choose:


  • Who will be responsible for winding up your personal affairs after your death? This person is your executor.
  • Your funeral arrangements. You can include detailed instructions about your funeral, or simply say whether you would wish to be buried or cremated
  • A guardian to raise your children until they reach the age of 18. You can leave your chosen guardian instructions on how the children should be raised
  • Who will inherit everything that is left after your executor has paid your debts and liabilities? A married couple making a family Will usually choose to leave everything to each other, and then to their children

Wills & Trusts

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A Codicil is a document which is executed in the same way as a Will. The purpose of a Codicil is to make an amendment to the terms of an existing Will.  An amendment could be to: add another gift to the Will; revoke the appointment of an executor; add a...


Where should you store your Will? There are a number of options. your bank.  You can expect to be charged for leaving your Will in the safe custody of your bank; deposit the Will with the Probate Registry.  There is a one off fee of £20 to use this service;...


If an original Will has been lost or accidentally destroyed, it is possible for the family to obtain probate of a copy of the lost Will.  An Order of the court would need to be obtained to allow the copy Will to be proved. If you have been keeping your original...


The role of an Executor is to carry out your wishes set out in your Will. If you do not leave a Will, the same tasks will need to be carried out by an Administrator, who will normally be your closest family member. Both an Executor and an Administrator are Personal...

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