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Christine Davies Will Writing Specialist
Christine Davies, Owner, Winterborne Legal Services

My name is Christine Davies, and I specialise in helping families to ensure that their interests are properly protected by drafting a bespoke Will for them.

Making a Will provides peace of mind for you and certainty for your family. It could help preserve your assets and reduce Inheritance Tax.

If you would like to discover more about how I can help you, please either call me on 01308 424808 or email me at enquiries@winterbornelegal.co.uk and I will be delighted to help you.

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“Very professional service provided in the comfort of my own home. Great idea, less hassle for myself and my family. So easy to have done. Quick and effective, we all have peace of mind now our wills have been completed. Would highly recommend.”

Hannah O’Donovan

Have you considered what will happen if you do not have a Will?

If you have a modest estate and straightforward family circumstances, you may believe that your assets will automatically pass to your family in the way you would want. This is not always the case and the benefit of making a Will is to set out clearly what your wishes are in the event of your death.


If you would like to ask about including a trust in your Will, or have any other questions about making your Will, please give us a call on 01308 424808 or email us at: enquiries@winterbornelegal.co.uk

Our Will Review Service

You may have an old Will which is out of date. We often see Wills which are thirty or forty years old. Usually, the circumstances of the person who made the Will have changed out of all recognition.

If you or your beneficiaries have:

* divorced;
* remarried;
* acquired step-children or grandchildren;
* experienced a change in your financial circumstances

you should think about making a new Will to reflect the changed circumstances.

Have you lost contact with any of your beneficiaries? Your executor will still be under a duty to make payment to those beneficiaries. Making a new Will means you can chose to make gifts to the people who are part of your life now.

Your value of may have increased in value and your investments may have fallen. The gifts in your Will could be ineffective or inappropriate in relation to the size of your estate.

Do you know if the law has changed since you made your last Will?

The Residential Nil Rate Band is available for the estates of people who died after 06 April 2017. If your spouse died before that date, they won’t have used their entitlement because it did not exist.

This means that your executors may be able to claim their unused Residential Nil Rate Band. This means that your estate could potentially benefit from an additional Inheritance3 Tax allowance of £350,000.

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